Our brewery has prepared several ‘Únětice stands’ for you where fast, but high-quality food is served. They can be found at tourist attractions across the entire Czechia. At each stand, you will be refreshed by Únětice beer that is well-kept, cool, and poured fresh into your glass. You might want to add some tasty bites, like juicy pulled pork meat, an impeccable beef burger, or delicious grilled “hermelín” (the Czech version of camembert cheese). And of course, quality coffee is served too.


Temporarily closed for the winter season (Thursday–Sunday | 11 am – 7 pm)

This stand is waiting for you amidst charming countryside, on the left bank of the Moldau river in the settlement of Podmoráň, near the train station and the ferry Úholičky. It can be reached by train from Masaryk railway station, by bike on the biking trail along the river, or on the water by boat.

You can enjoy a view of the rocky, forested hills surrounding the valley of the Moldau and of the Podmoráňský stream. You can take an educational trail called “Look around, man,” to the peak of the hill “Stříbrník” (311 m.a.s.l.) where you can enjoy the beautiful view. Or visit the ancient hillfort “Řivnáč”, a waterfall in the rocks, or another viewpoint in Podmoráň, in the Moráňské rocks, where you can observe the Moldau valley. Hiking markers and information boards will guide you through the local tourist attractions. You can also visit a hill fort from the time of the Přemyslid dynasty in Levý Hradec or hike through the Alšova vyhlídka viewpoint at the “Kozí hřbety” range of rocks, and end the trip by relaxing in the beer garden of the Únětice brewery`s restaurant. 

We offer grilled dishes and light food for hikers and bikers. You will find a selection of Únětice beers plus lemonade on tap for children and sportsmen. We also offer prosecco and summer cocktails, especially for the ladies. About 60 people can be seated at this stand.
More information is available on the Facebook profile of the stand.

We are looking forward to your visit.
Lucka & Štěpán


8 am–5 pm

Únětický pivovar a.s., Rýznerova 19, 252 62 Únětice
Identification number: 24736708 Tax identification number: CZ 24736708