The liquid bread of the Czech nation has been produced by the brewers of Únětice since time immemorial. The first evidence proving that dates back to the year 1557, when good beer was brewed by the canons in Únětice. Let us add that these canons also served beer at the St. Vitus cathedral in Prague. Our brewery was probably founded in the year 1710, for it was this year that the constructors carved into the stone pillar at the original malting barn. You can see it for yourselves, as that is where the brewery bar is now located. By the end of the 19th century, the Únětice brewery was flourishing and had become the third largest brewery in the district of Smichov, with annual production reaching 21 600 hectolitres of the foamy drink. Únětice beer was brewed both pale and dark, in barrels and bottled, and its taste and tang gained fame far and wide. According to the testimonies of contemporary witnesses, the beer was supposedly secretly smuggled by night to the well-known restaurant “U Holubů” in Smichov, where it was presented as genuine Pilsner beer.

Production dropped during World War I and after a short upsurge during the First Republic (between the wars), the brewery stopped production fully in 1942. The outlook improved after 1945, however, the brewery was expropriated by the communists after the coup d’état (commonly referred to as “Victorious February”). It became an “all people`s possession” after more than four centuries in the hands of the Metropolitan Chapter of Saint Vitus. It languished under the ownership of the Smíchov brewery for a while, but its brewing pans eventually fell into disuse. A married couple, the Tkadlec from the nearby town of Roztoky u Prahy started the revival of the brewery in March 2010. The joint-stock company “Únětický pivovar” (Únětice Brewery) was founded in September of the same year. It bought the premises and rebuilt them in order to fulfil modern regulations but also in such a way as to preserve their original charm and atmosphere. We brewed the first batch of Únětice beer in the new brewery on May 15th, 2011.

Today, this honest beer from Únětice is popular again, not only in the dozens of restaurants and pubs nearby, but also in Prague. The sensitively renovated taproom with its cosy garden, hot meals, and beer on tap directly from the tank has become a sought-out place for trips on foot and by bike, and also by bus from far and wide.


8 am–5 pm

Únětický pivovar a.s., Rýznerova 19, 252 62 Únětice
Identification number: 24736708 Tax identification number: CZ 24736708